What is Contingent Staffing?

Contingent Staffing Agency in Dubai,

Contingent staffing is adding temporary employees or contractual workers, to a company’s permanent team. A contingent worker is typically hired to assist with a particular project or season of labor, though it is not unusual for them to sign 12, 18, or 24-month agreements.

Difference Between Contingent Staffing & RPO

· Contingent staffing is when staffing agencies fill unfilled positions on a temporary or contractual basis; whereas RPO is a tactical partnership between an organization and a third-party provider to manage the complete recruiting process

· RPO is concerned with internal hiring tactics; whereas contingency recruiting is concerned with delivering qualified employees.

· Contingency recruiting is typically short-term or even one-time; whereas RPO can be a long-term contract.

· Contingent recruiters choose from a pool of candidates; whereas RPO consultants may explore different tactics, such as internal recruitment, to identify the finest personnel.


Why Companies Hire Contingent Staff

· Affordable for brief assignments.

· Greater flexibility.

· Diverse and new perspectives.

· Best access of expertise to complete skill gaps.

· Less onboarding time and quick project scalability.

· Greater freedom to experiment with new approaches.


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