What is Contingent Hiring?

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Contingent staffing services means adding temporary employees or contractual workers, to a company’s permanent team. A contingent worker is typically hired to assist with a particular project or season of labor, though it is not unusual for them to sign 12, 18, or 24-month agreements.

Difference Between Contingent Staffing & RPO

  • Contingent staffing is when staffing agencies fill unfilled positions on a temporary or contractual basis; whereas RPO is a tactical partnership between an organization and a third-party provider to manage the complete recruiting process.
  • RPO is concerned with internal hiring tactics; whereas contingency recruiting is concerned with delivering qualified employees.
  • Contingency recruiting is typically short-term or even one-time; whereas RPO can be a long-term contract.
  • Contingent recruiters choose from a pool of candidates; whereas RPO consultants may explore different tactics, such as internal recruitment, to identify the finest personnel.

Seasonal & Project-Based Solutions with Contingent Hiring

Flexibility is key when it comes to staffing for seasonal peaks or project-based demands. Contingent workforce staffing provides the solution you need. With the ability to quickly scale your workforce up or down, contingent hiring allows you to assemble a highly skilled team tailored to the specific requirements of your short-term projects or handle increased customer demand.

By leveraging contingent hiring, you gain access to a diverse pool of specialized talent that can seamlessly integrate into your operations for the duration required. This means you can avoid the long-term commitments and unnecessary costs associated with permanent hires. It’s a cost-effective approach that gives you the freedom to optimize your staffing resources and focus on driving your business forward.


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Overcoming Hiring Challenges with Our Contingent Staffing Service

Take control of your staffing needs with our agile contingent hiring solutions today. Embrace the flexibility and efficiency that contingent hiring offers, allowing you to meet your seasonal and project-based demands with ease and achieve greater success.

Eliminates long-term commitments to employees

Provides workforce flexibility for scaling up or down as needed

Enables access to specialized skills and expertise

Streamlines the hiring process for time and cost efficiency

Offers a trial period for assessing candidate fit

Addresses seasonal or project-based staffing needs

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