A Step-By-Step Onboarding Process In UAE

It is very stressful for many to start working at a place that was previously unknown to them. They can have a hard time figuring out what has been expected of them, what the company culture is or how they can feel like they are a part of the time. Onboarding process proves to be useful here as it helps the new hires integrate into their new roles. We have covered onboarding process in UAE in this guide. It will assist businesses in making the process of onboarding smooth for their new employees.


A good onboarding process will make the transition easier for both employees and employers. It assists in employees becoming a part of the company, understanding their roles and immersing themselves in the company’s culture.

What is the Onboarding process in the UAE?

onboarding process in the UAE

The onboarding process in UAE begins with the employee extending an offer letter to the employee. It goes all the way to regular check in with the workers once they have been on boarded.

Offer Letter & Employment Contract

Onboarding process in UAE starts with providing an UAE offer letter to the employees. An offer letter has all the terms and conditions mentioned on it. The UAE employment contract is prepared after the offer letter has been accepted and signed. The employment contract works as a legal agreement between both parties. The contract will cover the details of working hours, compensation, entitlement to leaves and other related things.

Visa & Work Permit Assistance

Expat employees need assistance with their visa and UAE work permit to move towards the next step of their onboarding process in UAE. Employers have an important role here as they work as sponsors. They start the process by submitting the necessary documents to the relevant authorities. These documents consist of passport sized photograph, a copy of passport, medical screening test reports and employment contract. Employees will need an Emirates ID, a labor card and a work permit too for their onboarding process in UAE.

Preparing the Workspace: Administrative Setup

Start the next step of onboarding process in UAE by getting the workspace prepared for the new employee. Having their workspace prepared with any necessary integrations of computers, wires and equipment gives a good impression of company on the employee.

What are the 5 C’s of onboarding?

The 5 Cs of onboarding encompass compliance, clarification, culture, connection and check in. The first C standing for compliance signifies that an employee needs to be briefed on the rules and regulations of an organization. Explain to them the procedures, protocol and existing rules of the company. This way they will know they are complying to the company’s standard and policies.

Clarify their responsibilities and set clear expectations of them. They will be able to understand what is expected of them and how you want them performing their tasks and duties. Familiarize the employees with the company culture as part of the onboarding process in UAE. So they will not feel out of place. They might even develop a deep interest in the company’s culture. Make the new employees’ onboarding process in UAE smoother by helping them build connections. Do not underestimate the benefits and value of team building exercises.

Helping new hires build connections among their team assists in retaining talent. Keep checking in with the new employees to see if everything is running as intended or you need to intervene. Set a timetable for check in meetings with them to get updates on their progress and address any issues they might be facing. This makes the employee seen and heard.

Onboarding: A Warm Welcome and Productive Start

5 C's of onboarding

With a well thought out plan for onboarding process in UAE, give your employees a productive start and a warm welcome. As a result, new employees understand the expectations of the company and how it operates.

Welcoming & Orientation

Show enthusiasm in welcoming the new additions to your company. Plan an orientation session for them to move ahead in the employee onboarding process in UAE. Provide them with training and assign them a mentor or work buddy.

Expectations, Goals & Support Systems

Set clear expectations. Make the onboarding process in UAE more effective by establishing achievable goals. Come up with a support system for your employees so they know they can count on you. This way they will find ease in reaching out to you whenever they require support from their workplace.

Post-Onboarding: Investing in Long-Term Growth

The process of onboarding in UAE does not merely stop at orientation and first day. A company needs to take more steps to invest in its long-term growth. This is a sure and proven strategy to retain talent.

Performance Management & Feedback

Craft a plan to manage the performance of employees. This will help keep track of how employees are performing certain tasks. Employers assess which particular area workers need assistance in.

Provide regular feedback to employees as it improves the output of the workers. It also identifies any gaps that the employee may have missed previously. This addresses what they need to work on and appreciates where their solutions are working.

Beyond Onboarding: Ongoing Support & Development

The support does not have to end once the new hire completes the first week or month. There are strategies that go beyond the surface onboarding process in UAE. Offer ongoing support to your employees. Have programs for the development of your workforce. Upskilling or reskilling the employees benefit the companies as they get a highly skilled talent pool working for them. Constant training, support and development programs improve the contributions of employees.

What is the meaning of onboarding in Emirates?

UAE regulates the labor market to have it more efficient. This avoids employees or employers been taken advantage of by the other party. The firm rules mean the onboarding process in UAE will have to be legally compliant for avoiding any legal consequences. Employees have to receive the work permit, labor card and Emirates ID if they want to move ahead in their onboarding process in UAE.


Having clear plans and a clever strategy makes sure the onboarding process in UAE goes on smooth. Above are some steps to guide you about the process. Attracting and retaining talented individuals becomes easier with a good onboarding process. A poorly executed process can have a contrary effect by putting off the employees.

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