Salary Certificates in the UAE: A Guide

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Some matters require proof to have transparency. An official record needs to be maintained for matters of high importance. A salary certificate works UAE as a proof that verifies the employment of a worker. We have penned down this guide to help you obtain your salary certificate UAE.

What is a Salary Certificate in the UAE?

Having a salary certificate UAE is a must. It is an official recognition of a worker’s employment. The employer prints it on the company’s letterhead to issue it. It is the right of an employee to request one from their workplace. A salary certificate UAE has the salary and work experience outlined too.

A salary certificate UAE will have these elements regardless of the document’s format. It will have the employee’s information and details such as their date of birth, address, gender and point of contact.

There will be company information consisting of the authorizing personnel’s signature, their contact and the issue date of the salary certificate.

It will encompass of employment details such as the job title, position and the worker’s joining date.

It will have a breakdown of an employee’s salary as their net salary and gross salary. Any allowances or benefits an employee receives will be mentioned in the details. Transportation allowances, house allowance and utilities will be a part of it.

The format varies from bank to bank as they have their own format to follow. The basic information is the same though despite the minor variations. Most of the salary certificates will contain these details:

  • Date of Issue
  • Name of the employee
  • Gender of employee
  • Joining date of worker
  • Job position
  • Job title in the company
  • Gross salary
  • Net salary
  • Allowances if any
  • Contact details of the HR official who signs the salary certificate

The salary certificate UAE is a very important document and has many benefits too. Its advantages expand to:

Why Do You Need a Salary Certificate in the UAE?

Salary Certificate in the UAE

Many reasons are there for an employee to be in need of a salary certificate UAE. It is their right to request for one too.

Loan Applications

A salary certificate UAE needs to be shared with a bank to apply for a loan with them. The certificate works as an evidence of income. It verifies the credit eligibility of the applicant.

Visa Applications

Salary certificate UAE makes the matters concerning visa application far easier. The document notifies the immigration authorities about your fund. It is a further evidence you will have the financial stability and means to live in the UAE. Having the salary certificate helps in applying or renewing the visa.

Rental Agreements

If you want to rent out an apartment, you are going to have to show your salary certificate. That is the only way real estate agents will rent it out. The salary certificate UAE is a proof of your financial stability. It is an indicator that you will be paying the rent on time along with any other costs involved.

Other Purposes

There are further purposes where a salary certificate UAE is useful. One of these is financial transactions. A bank requires the salary details of an account holder to prevent any discrepancies from happening. Another purpose is being an evidence of a worker’s employment at a certain company.

How to Obtain a Salary Certificate in the UAE?

Obtain a Salary Certificate in the UAE

Requesting a salary certificate UAE involves some particular steps.

The first step is to decide the precise reason to request the certificate. Determine its purpose. The reason to request a salary certificate UAE from the employer may be any of the following:

  • Application for a loan
  • Processing of visa
  • Rental agreements
  • Renewal of a visa

Contacting Your HR Department:

Request your salary certificate UAE by getting in touch with your HR Department. Inform HR authorities who are concerned with issuing one. Contact them for your request following the protocols and requirements of your company.

Making Your Request

Provide all the necessary details that go with your request. Draft down a formal letter to request salary certificate UAE.

Processing and Issuing the Certificate:

Submit your request letter. The HR department at your company will receive the request and start the process. They might need some information so they will ask for it. It is better to be clear with the timeline for when you require the document to be issued. Be thorough with providing the relevant information so no delays occur.

Additional Considerations for Salary Certificate in the UAE

There are more factors to consider for a certificate of Salary in the UAE.

Validity of Salary Certificates

Usually a salary certificate UAE remains valid up to one year or till the validity date mentioned in that certificate. If the salary is increased, then the employee will be issued a salary increment letter.

Translation Requirements

For multilingual employees, the salary certificate UAE will be translated into Arabic and English. It is necessary when you are dealing with immigration applications or foreign tax authorities.


Verifying employment, applying for a loan, renting an apartment or engaging in financial transactions — a salary certificate UAE is a prominent requirement in all these scenarios. Having this document is necessary in many important matters like visa process and renewal, dealing with immigration authorities or even providing proof that an employee has worked at a certain company for the specified time.



What is stamped salary certificate in the UAE?

It is attested document that verifies the income, allowances and any incentive an employee receives as part of their compensation.

How do I attest my salary certificate?

An affidavit from IVS Global and a stamp from Chamber of Commerce will be needed for attestation. International attestation is done by MOFAIC and the concerned Consulate General.

How many days does it take for certificate attestation?

Dubai certificate attestation times vary depending on the type of document, the country of issue, and the specific requirements of the authorities. Generally, the attestation process takes 10–12 working days.



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