The Ins and Outs of Sick Leave in the UAE


The sick leave UAE is, for the employees, a significant part of the labor legislation which is governed by different laws and regulations. Consequently, employers and employees need to take into account the ins and outs. As well as the protocols related to the sick leave in UAE if they want to do it correctly and avail themselves of all the positive sides of that.

In this article, we will explore the regulations of the medical leave in UAE, workers entailment and employers duties. Moreover, we will talk about the policy for sick leave, the types, the documentation requested, and the legal framework. Additionally, we will delve into the request for sick leave attestation.

Regulations of  Sick Leave UAE

The sick leave in UAE policy is a legal provision. It is grant to Employees to ensure their health and well-being even when they are not at work.

It is of a kind of absence permit grant to an employee who is unhealthy or hurt and is unable to engage job functions. Sick leave in UAE is usually given in full salaries or reduced depending on the length of sickness and service.

The UAE Labour Law outlines very clear regulations for sick leave policy. The scope of the regulation covers both employers and workers. Being aware of these regualations  is crucial for an easy flow on work when we develop a disease.

    • An employee can take medical leave in UAE due to an accident, surgery, chronic conditions, injuries or other medical reasons. However, they need to submit  sick reports, acquiring medical certificates, and sick leave attestation.
    • Additionally, the employers should have a system to follow up on the workers sick leaves to be able to control the employee absence during work.
    • According to the labor law, employees who are ill could take leave for the first 15 days in a year. Futhermore, they will keep their full salary as long as they have a certificate of the illness or injury from a doctor.
    • The employee must notify their employer within as short time as possible concerning the existence of the sickness.
    • Moreover, needs to provide a medical certificate that will last for 72 hours from the start of his/her sick leave.
    • In the case that the employee illness lasts more than 15 days the employee will be grant with 50 percent of the salary during the following 30 day period. If based on the health situation, the employee needs more time off, it will not be paid during those days.

Legal Framework for Sick Leave UAE

The legal frameworks create the base for getting an sick leave in UAE. This bases are:

    • Lots of businesses have designed benefit schemes that include a prolonged sick leave to ensure that their employees take an additional number of time off when they are sick.
    • The legal framework for sick leave includes the employers obligation to provide the specified number of paid sick leave.

This rule differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Some obligate a specific number of days for paid leaves and others require a minimum threshold that can be exceeded by firms on a case-by-case basis. This policy is intended to permit sick employees to take paid days off when they are sick and therefore not financially affected by that.

    • The legal provisions for sick leave in UAE also include the documentation needed to make the aplication among others.
    • The legal regulation also reflects the prohibition of unfair termination or treatment of an employee due to the fact that they use their sick leave.

Employees have equal rights to job security and protection from discrimination as if they would when absent for other reasons. This is a measure aimed to prevent employees from being punished by employers for using the right to sick leave.

    • The legal framework also covers cases where an employee runs out of allotted sick leave days. In those cases, employers can ask employees to take a free or use other available leave options, like annual leave or disability leave, if needed.

The labor law in the Article 112 provides such suspended sick leave allowance to the employees. This implies that the UAE labor law aims to extend the employee rights by guaranteeing the healthy working environment, where employees can seek adequate medical care without endangering job security.

 Types of Sick Leave in UAE

    • Paid Sick Leave: A number of employees have the sick leaves that are compensated.

This permits the workers to enjoy their time off work while still earning the wages they would receive in normal circumstances. Paid sick leave leads to the advantage of not only employees but also employers as well. It frees the employees of the fear of financial hazard because of illness and the contagious disease spread in the workplace.

    • Short-Term Disability Leave:  Some companies provide short term disability coverage for a particular invincible diseases or injuries.

This kind of leave usually lasts for 2-3 weeks or for a few months. The employee gets the compensation which is equal to their salary for this period of time. The short-term disability feature allows workers to prioritize healing while negating economic hardships.

    • Unpaid Sick Leave: Some employers cannot guarantee paid sick leave.

As well, they will be able to provide sick times off without any pay. Wages while on the leave are not compensated, but employees get the privilege to keep their jobs. However, an employee may find that taking unpaid leave has a negative impact on their financial situation.

These are just the general guidelines about medical leave in UAE. The details of an employee’s sick leave may differ depending on their employment contract and the emirate they reside in. The employees should always look through their contract or inquire from their Human Resourcess Departament for more details.

Sick Leave Entitlements and Duration

UAE salary regulation provides precise sick leave instructions and employees are less worried about the illness that they or their family members have.

    • Entitlement. Under hypothesis of tenure in UAE employees may stay for 90 days of sick leave per year after completing successfully a probation period. This kind of leave can be availed either all at once or taken piecemeal over a year.
    • Pay Structure. The first 15 days of sick leave are qualified. The worker gets paid salary regularly, fully. Now in the next 30 days are with cut salary, but still with you. The residual time of it for the swidden agriculture is 45 days without pay.

Nevertheless, to get a sick leave in UAE, employees require to inform their company of their ailment within an optimum of 3 days coupled with supply a healthcare record released by a clinical entity concerning their problem.

    • Documentation Required. Generally speaking, sick leave is required to be authenticated with a medical certificate produced by a fully qualified doctor.

To sum up, the UAE Labour Law acts by ensuring that the employees entitlements and duration of sick leave in UAE is in accordance with the local Labor Law.

Understanding these regulations is therefore key considerations for both employers and workers as part of efforts to have a good place to work in. Through offering employees a chance for recuperation from their diseases, employers thus assure the health and aspiration of their team.

Employee Entitlements for Sick Leave in UAE

The laws in UEA favor employees who get sick and cure as it offers various benefits through sick leave in UAE.

    • Eligibility. Probationary period completion makes the employees eligible to take scheduled days off, which are part of the sick leave.
    • Leave Allowance. A total of 90 days are established as the amount of leave one is entitled to during the year (Sick Leave). Such leave can be taken either continuously or intermittently during that year.
    • Pay During Leave. The first 15 days are fully covered by the regular amount the employee gets paid as a salary. Apart from that, the terms of the employment contract allow employees to be the partially paid for 30 days with the half salary. In the end, they still have 45 undeserved days off.

In cases when an employee is supposed to go on a prolonged absence, it should present a medical certificate that verifies his/her illness. What this does is it verifies that the employees take their leave genuinely to stop any breech of the policy.

    • Documentation Required. To claim sick leave, employees have to wait till they get a medical certificate (within the period of 48 hours) from a licensed healthcare provider if they fall sick.

Important Note: Although the following tips give us an idea, each situation is different. That is why, in the end, it is a person who should decide what really suits him or her.

Some free zone business entities or individual employment contracts may conclude differently about sick leaves. It is important to note that the guidelines regarding the benefits provided for their employment should be referred to the contract. Besides, you can call to the center of Human Resources for any detail.

Duration and Documentation Requirements

The UAE has been clear about the maximum number of days for sick leaves and also the documentation rules.

    • Duration: The employees are grant with 90 days sick leave per year, once their probation period is over. You can use this leisure time on a continuous basis or in smaller portions over the year.
    • Documentation Requirements: This ultimately requires employees to have a medical certificate to be able to apply for the leave. This medical document is request by a licensed doctor and it records all your health status. Additionally, certain organizations may want a particular format or content of the certificate.

The sick leave attestation process involves the following steps:

    • Firstly, have a full-size copy of the original medical certificate request by the physician or medical facility of origin.
    • Second, fill in an application form for a statement sheet.
    • Third, fill the application form, attach originals of the medical certificate and a copy of personal identification card (or any other document required).
    • For the last, submit it to the attestation authority cited above. Then, proceed to pay the assessment fee accordingly, as per guidelines provided by the stated authority body.

It is very important to know exactly what is happening in your case before apply. Also keep in mind all the support systems such as: WPS salary, RPO services, hiring solutions in Dubai, and majorly the permanent hiring Dubai during the application of your medical leave in UAE.

How to calculate sick leave in the UAE?

To calculate sick leave in UAE:

    • First calculate the total number of hours or days that employees are permit to use on sick leave.
    • In addition, keep record of every sick day taken by each employee.
    • In the final step, subtract the total number of sick days used from the total approved sick days to find the remaining balance.

Without a doubt, precise tracking of a sick leave is critical for the compliance of the labor laws and company policies. Certainly, a proper and precise tracking of taken sick leaves by employees in one way or other resolves disputes and disagreements.

Furthermore, the recording of the sick leave use is also valuable for measuring the attendance and workplace productivity all together.

Calculating sick leave depends on two main factors: your enterprises sick leave policy and established rules of guidelines of local laws and regulations.

    • Company policy: The majority of businesses operate from the regulations of policies distributed within the workforce. This indicate how break hours and illness leave can be accumulated and used throughout the year. This policy will indicate a maximum of a certain number of days or hours of sick leave that an employee can avail.
    • Local regulations: Some countries with legislation that guarantees a certain amount of sick leave are faced with such a situation. Regulations may well be a basis of minimum sick leave permit; but company policies can provide for a number of days even more.

Hence, for organizations to try and control the absentees, recording and reporting the sick leave will have good effect. Thus, it is essential that employees are advise on the policy and an necessary feedback and explanations to avoid any contradictions or misinterpretations.

Employer Responsibilities and Support During Sick Leave UAE

The responsibility of the employers does not only limit itself to the implementation of the legal obligations in the area of the sick leave but extends way beyond that. They provide constant help to employees who become ill and work towards the full of the physical, mental and social needs of employees.

Clear Sick Leave Policies:

    • Therefore, employers should specify the law on sick leave well. They enumerate who qualifies, how to make a report, and the length of this leave as a result. The company must make the policy well ahead of time to help employees during such stressful situations and make the proceedings smooth and unconfused.

Compassionate Support:

    • Besides this, employers can exhibit peace towards workers by providing variety of help and supports during the sick leave. One of the measures could entail the bringing about of health benefits that not only cover but also integrate the employee’s recovery.
    • Furthermore, their supervisors can keep in touch with the employees not in a way which would be an overstepping of their privacy. With this, the company make employees realize that the company cares for their health and wellness.

Gradual Return:

    • After that, the employer is able to forms the actual return to work process when the employee is ready for it. This could involve alternative tasks or a temporary flexible working arrangement.
    • Through a gradual reentry scheme that is tailor-made for the need of individuals, employers will be in a better position to help workers heal completely and be able to effectively contribute to the organization again.

Employer Support Systems for Sick Employees

A lot of companies have already realized the significance of backing their staffers up when they are sick. Such support systems work to the advantage of both an employee and their employer.

    • Paid Time Off and Benefits. Companies would provide paid leave for sickness and the continuation of health insurance benefits.
    • Flexible Work Arrangements. Furthermore, employers can allow for flexible schedules during illness or recovery. This may involve remote working, flextime or shorter working hours.
    • Employee Assistance Programs. EAPs offer confidential one-on-one counseling and support services for all sorts of personal hurdles, such as health problems. In this way, employees can have access to EAPs.

Return-to-Work Process

Returning to work in the UAE at the end of sick leave requires structuring. Thus, the law creates an effective reintegration model of work.

Firstly, you need to share with your supervisor about your return date. Also ask for help on the areas you may require some special attention. In fact, open and honest communication can be a stepping stone to successful reintegration.

Under no circumstances, you should minimize your health and well-being during this transitional phase. The last but not the least, self-care here is the key to do the job very well.

However, rules and procedures regulate the process of leaving the job and coming back after sick leave. The procedures of the process are:

Doctors Note:

    • On the majority of occasions, medical certificate is request. This document is to prove that you are able to rejoin the workforce.

Submitting the Certificate:

    • Provide the medical certificate to your HR when you come back from the sick leave. You can do this remotely. In this way, all your personal records will be clean and save. Then, the system can pay the relevant sick leave compensation to you.

Communication is Key:

    • Inform your supervisor about the return and talk about any side effects that still stick with you of the illness. This will open up communication channels. Also, will let them to identify the changes that you need to facilitate your seamless adjustment into the workplace.

To sum up, getting back into your organization after an illness requires following the defined return-to-work protocol. Besides that, getting the needed support can result into a smooth incorporation. Nevertheless, the recovery period is neither quick nor short. Besides, you should not worry if sometimes you would feel the need of medical consultation.


Sick Leave UAE

The knowledge of the inside-outs of sick leave in UAE is key for labor and the business owners. Sick leave regulations provide rules that become a shield. These rules are to protect the physical or mental health of workers and also to protect employers from excesses of absences.

In summary, non-adherence to the outlined rules for sick leave in UAE may have grave implications. These consequences are in terms of the law of both the employer and employee. In case the employers do not give workers sick leaves as per the ministry’s order, they may receive fines and penalties. Those fines are from MOHRE for not obeying the law in human resources.

If you want to find out more about this or another significant topics, make sure you head over to our blog page.


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