Applying for a Temporary Work Permit in the UAE

Temporary Work Permit in the UAE

Obtaining a temporary work permit UAE is the first phase for all interested workers to enter the exciting and energetic job market of the UAE. If you want to work in Dubai, you need to know that you have to apply for this temporary authorization first. This application process has a lot of steps and requirements that applicants should do very carefully.

In this article, we are going to outline the crucial details as well as the rules to you need to follow while applying for a work permit UAE. Understanding the application process and meeting the critical requirements are very important to be able to have a successful outcome. By following this guide, you can succesfully obtain your permit.


A Temporary Work Permit UAE is a legal document that allows the individual to work legally for a specific period. Such permit is due by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE).

    • Temporary work permit UAE are often grant for people who are sponsored by an organization.
    • The permit is for a certain job and employer only.
    • This permit is not tranferable to another employer without having prior approval from the associated authorities.
    • Usually this work permit UAE is grant for short-term contracts, for a project-based work or specific assignment that requires specialized skills or expertise.

In addition, there are two main categories: for those who currently hold residence visas as well as those who are looking for work.

    • In the case of residence visa holders, a work permit UAE makes it possible for them to work for new employer while their present visa is still in validity. This helps especially with e.g. short-term assignments or tasks.
    • However, for job seekers this permit invites to find a job within a period of up to six months. This serves as an excellent tool where one can discover a work with a permanent hiring solutions.

The process of achieving a this permit is set on the registration criteria established by the MoHRE. The organization begins the application procedure usually.

    • Besides this, the documents that are supposed to be:  a job offer, passport copies, and health insurance, respectively. Depending on the processing timeline, it is necessary to think this through in your project planning.

Furthermore, there is a consideration that the temporary work permit UAE come with specific validity periods. You must abide with all the conditions and legislations connected to the permit to prevent any legal issues.

Short-Term Career Opportunities: An Overview

The labor market of UAE is buzzing and people across the globe aspire to have job opportunities in Dubai. By having a work permit, you will be able to engage in short-term job opportunities in different sectors of the economy. These permit give chance to gather useful work experience and feel the dynamic culture of the UAE.

The UAE short term career opportunities open a chance for professional development. Thus, legal work is only possible with this work permit. However, this process can be done easier with the appropriate documentation in place.

    • The tourism and hospitality sector mostly open their temp staffing agencies. In that way, they can  hire seasonal workers, especially during the peak seasons.
    • Furthermore, the UAEs building industry often hires skilled labor for short-term projects that crop up frequently.
    • Also, educational institutions often need to cover leaves or special programs, short-term teaching positions.

Keep in mind that working with recruitment agencies in Dubai or temporary staffing agencies can ensure you a permanent job. As a result, this is an incredible opportunity to find permanent hiring solutions.

    • To secure a short-term work permit, you will require a job offer from an UAE company. Then, the company will begin the work permit application process for you. Acquiring a work permit can take some time, hence be ready with all the requirements and be patience.

Furthermore, working in the UAE can be a rich source of international experience. This can certainly boost your curriculum and create new chances for you. Moreover, the multicultural workplace can make you acquire new competencies.

Thus, getting a work permit is a major landmark in your career ambitions. This means that one must be aware of the requirements and deadlines. Nevertheless, being prepared will ensure you will go through the process successfully.

Understanding the Temporary Work Permit UAE

A Temporary Work Permit UAE is a key document for those who want to secure there temporary job in the country. It allows for a legal permission allowing to work for a specific period, from 21 days up to one year. It creates an opportunity for the local citizens as well as the employees of the other country.

Consecuently, obtaining the permit is the most critical step for the candidate pursuing a temporary job in the UAE.

This are some benefits that this permit offer to you:

    • Employers find it easier to hire through a process that is now simplified. The work permits that are temporary enable them to promptly meet the dearth of the short-term staff without the hassles of the full employment visa.
    • Foreign workers may find themselves with a greater chance of getting hired. With the help of the 3-month work permit, they will be able to legally work in the UAE for up to six months.

The essential work experience, job opportunities, and chance to understand different careers will all be part of that thanks to the recruitment agencies in Dubai. Apart from that, the foreign workers who are here temporarily positively contribute to the UAE country as a whole.

    • This program is playing a vital role in the creation of the next generation knowledge economy of the UAE. Through provision of foreigner labors for short-term assignments, businesses open for a broader spectrum of skill sets and proficiency.
    • Cultures become closer and countries act together. Temporary workers from other countries bring fresh insights and the ability to think differently. Thus, speeding up innovation; this can improve links and ties between nations.

If you do not follow the rules have legal outcomes such as fines, deportation, or even restriction of the rights to reenter the UAE.

Key Requirements for a Temporary Work Permit UAE

Here are all the requirements you need to successfully get a Temporary Work Permit UAE:

Offer of Employment.

    • The employee must possess a document from a UAE company manager with clearly specified job offer. The referred document attests your employment and is your means of applying for a visa.

Educational Certificates.

    • You will have to supply the attested copies of the educational certificates applicable to that particular job that you are applying. Attestation, in this case, demonstrates the genuineness of your certificates.


    • The validity of your passport should be at least six months beyond the date of your application for a work permit. This way your passport does not expire during the time you are in the UAE.

Medical Fitness Certificate.

    • A medical fitness certificate due by a UAE-affiliated medical facility in the last six months is mandatory. This certificate will guarantee you are fit enough to work in the UAE.

Emirates ID (if applicable).

    • If you are living in the UAE at the moment, a copy of your Emirates ID is request. The Emirates ID is an identification card of the UAE.


    • Color visa-sized passport photos with UAE visa specifications are also request. These photos will be imprinted on your temporary work permit.

Finally, keep in mind that the individual eligibility conditions may vary according to the occupation and the employers location. It is advisable to get in touch with the UAE authorities or your employer about the latest information.

Besides, a failure to adhere to the UAEs work permit regulations can result in tough penalties and long-term consequences. These may include fines, deportation or imprisonment, cancellation of work permit and also a lifetime ban from the country.

Educational and Professional Qualifications

A key factor in getting a Temporary Work Permit UAE is possessing the required educational and professional certification. Lets explore these requirements:

Educational Background.

    • The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) attributes levels of skill to job positions in the UAE.
    • Level 1 and 2 Skill sets (probably related to professions) needs to have a University Degree or Diploma. Having a bachelors degree is the least an aspiring professional in this class can have.

Work Experience.

    • However, professional qualification is not only the important factor relevant work experience is also necessary. The experience level request depends on the job and requirements. In common, most employers demand at least three years of related working experience.

Enhancing Your Application.

    • Besides education and work experience, being a certified professional or possessing relevant qualifications in the field of your occupation can also give you a competitive edge in the job market.
    • These expertise will bring out your unique skills and knowledge which will make you the target candidate.
    • As a result, you have the probability to enhance your chances to become a holder of Temporary Work Permit UAE upon obtaining relevant licenses or certifications.

Yet, it is worth mentioning that the set of the qualifications demanded for a temporary work permit UAE may differ, contingent to the occupation. That is why, applicants should examine job description and parameters to befit before applying.

Finally, is important to comply this requirements for the obtaining the work permit UAE in legal labour in the country. Thus, people who satisfy these conditions can reduce their odds of being refused the work permit.

Job Offer and Contract

    • First and foremost, the core of achieving a job offer in UAE lies in having the skills and experience relevant to the needed position. Which is one of the basic requirements to obtain the desired role.

A pretty standard requirement of employers in the country is candidates with adequate academic records, related working experience, and skills in English language. To help companies to find specialists in areas like finance engineering, hospitality or healthcare is crucial step that can enormously shorten in terms of job getting.

    • In addition, networking and making professional connections are just as important to secure a job offer in the UAE.

Career fair, laying hand in networking events and online platform often refer the tool needed by job seekers to get meeting with an employer.  A well-designed professional resume and cover letters that fits to the job offers requirement is also essencia to attract the attention of employers an earn a job offer.

    • The next step involves the parties to the offer to execute a contract. By a UAE employment agreement, which is a document stipulating the conditions and terms of the employment.

Is necessary to examine the contract thoroughly and negotiate it. This is to be abreast of matters like the working hours, compensation, and terms of the railroading out or termination.

    • Therefore the contract needs to clarify length of the work period for contingency permits is especially relevant.

Often, visas which are grant for limited time periods are intended to be enough for the hiring employers need. The contract further should specify changes and the potential of extending the contract or renewing the work permit.

Specific industries can have some certain rules for destination work permit. Therefore it is necessary to recognize and follow these directives so as to avoid any kinds of legal problems.

The Application Journey

    • Firstly, participants should be guaranteed they have a work permit due by a company in UAE to submit an application.

The job offer should have items like: remuneration, job description, duration of employment, and the other informative details. It being extremely essential for candidates to go through the terms of service of employment before accepting any offer.

    • Secondly,  the applicants would take the medical exam that guarantees their fitness to work in the UAE.

The screening also covers infectious diseases including tuberculosis and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV/AIDS). The subject of the medical examination must include the results and should be submitted along with the application for work permit. One must remember that people with specific illnesses might be withdrawn visa for a limited period.

    • Furthermore, the application for the work permit requires other documents besides these. The process of the certifying and verify each document by the relevant authorities is very crucial. In that way, you prevent any resistance from or intervals in the different entities along the process
    • Then, after that, the candidates must apply for a valid entry visa to be in UAE too. This can be done in two ways: either by the employer or by a sponsor.

The visa entry permit enables people to stay legally in the UAE and begin to work there as a temporary employee. The specific visa requirements and immigration rules should be well understood by applicants to avoid compromising the legal status.

    • With the visa and work permit ready, applicants can now work temporarily in the UAE for as long as their job offer states.

Nevertheless, it needs emphasizing that individuals are not the only ones who can haplessly work. They should not work, or engage in any other paid activities, for another employer or participate in any other paid works.

Preparation and Documentation

Conveniently, the process to gaining a temporary work permit UAE is simple.

    • First of all, you figure out a job offer from a UAE employer. Then, the employer will start the permit procedures.
    • Along with this, the applicant must furnish personal documents. These consist of a passport copy, photos, and academic certificates. In addition, a medical test is also mandatory.
    • Finally, he will need company documents from the employer as well. These are the trade license, company labor card, and employee quota. Hence, the collaboration of the employee and his or her employer is crucial.
    • Nevertheless, the process does not end here. After the approval, the Ministry of Labour grants the permit. As a result, that the applicant will be legal to work in the UAE.

While Emiratisation in UAE puts the nationals first, the foreigners with the right qualities could take up a position in this country. The requirements for foreigners are:

    • Passport. Make sure your passport is up-to-date for at least six months before applying for a permit extension.
    • Educational Certificates. Originals of your degrees and diplomas are normally accepted.
    • Medical Certificate. You need to bring a medical certificate that was issued by a UAE-approved clinic recently.
    • Your sponsoring company may need you to submit additional documents, for example your employment contract.
    •  Translating the Arabic documents will require a certified translator as well.

Without a doubt, this permit is definitely of great importance for the expatriates. They can do so by residing and working in this country for a specific period of time. Therefore, authentication of all documents must be having high importance.

Submission and Processing

After you run verification on the job proposal and your employer confirms sponsoring an application for a temporary work permit UAE, the application process can take place. Here is a general outline:

Compile Required Documents.

    • Your contracting company will list you of the documents you are to submit. Often what is request is: a passport, your CV, at least a couple of photos of yourself, and a certified employment letter.

Submit Application.

    • The request letter and the other necessary documents will be submitted by your employer directly to the MOHRE on your behalf.

Processing and Approval.

    • The duration of processing of temporary work permit UAE applications depends on factors. These factors are: the case of the applicant and the overall workload at MOHRE offices. This is on average a 2-day quick service, although “medium” option takes a bit longer.

During this period, we recommend:

Following Up with Employer.

    • The need here is to keep having a good communication with the supervising company in regards to the application status.

Online Tracking (if available).

    • Applicants can view the status of their applications online by MOHRE. Which offers an information portal to keep track of your pending application after giving an application reference number. This provides you with a way to look at your achievement alone without the help of another person.
    • Applicants should certainly check the status of the application, as this foresees some delays or problems.

UAE Authorities Decision.

    • Please be aware that the MOHRE has rights to judicial discretion to approve or not, any given petition to issue a work permit.

Nonetheless, the essential factor is that the restricted work permits expire after a certain point of time. Hence individuals have to ensure that their permit is reneweal before its expiration to escape with any legal interferences

Post-Approval Considerations

After obtaining approval of a temporary work permit UAE, there are a few important points need to be focused on.

    • Firstly, it is vital to make sure that all documents are complete. This includes a valid passport, a job offer letter, and all of the other associated papers. Given this, not meeting those conditions could lead to a permit being put on hold or even be rejected.
    • On the other hand, it is also important to be clear about the rules and laws before applying.  Employers and employees need to abide by these regulations to prevent any legal action against them.
    • Besides that, it is important to stay up to date with the UAE labor laws and visa regulation. In this way you are going to be able to have a trouble-free work permit process.
    • Moreover, it is necessary to ensure effective communication with the responsible authorities during the whole term. Any modification in job status or personal conditions requires immediate reporting. There is no doubt that the factor of sincerity is crucially important for keeping away from troubles or sanctions.
    • Besides, employees on the temporary work permit UAE must also understand their obligations as workers. This job means meeting responsibilities, following workplace rules and regulations. The professionalism and dedication will not only be advantageous for the person but also contribute positively to the environment of work.

In conclusion, post-approval considerations for an temporary work permit UAE play an important role in a successful employment experience. Through staying informed, and proactive, one can sail smooth the process and have a great time working in the UAE.

Legal Obligations and Responsibilities

Employers Responsibilities

    • Obtaining the necessary approvals. Employers have to obtain an approval from the authorized institutions. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) will hire foreign workers for a short span of time with temporary basis.
    • Providing a valid employment contract. Undoubtedly, employers should present to foreign employee a valid employment contract. Wich will describe the terms and conditions of the work such as the period of temporary employment permit, salaries and benefits, work hours and so on.
    • Ensuring compliance with labor laws. Employers are bound to all regulations and laws of labor and so they must implement measures to prevent any violation. For example, wages, working hours and occupational safety and health
    • Paying the necessary fees. It is the responsibility of employers to make advance payments for the initial and renewal permits of their foreign workers. In that way, the foreign workers can gain the right to temporary employment.
    • Providing appropriate accommodation and transportation. Foreign workers employers must ensure their workers receiving appropriate accommodation and transport while stays in the UAE.
    • Ensuring the welfare of foreign workers. Employers are responsible to protect and take care of the safety and the wellbeing of their foreign workers in their possession. The basic civil right includes the availability of healthcare services and addressing any work issue faced by them in working in country.
    • Renewing work permits. The employers should be ready to renew the temporary work permits UAE of their workers from abroad.

Not holding up these responsibilities will have consequences such as being fined, penalized, or even the court.

Employees Responsibilities

    • Have all the required educational and work experience for the appointed position.
    • Comply with UAE medical fitness requirements which are stipulated and regulated by the authorities.
    • Follow the UAE immigration law and do not take up any unauthorized employment.

Renewal and Extension Options

In UAE permits such as the work permit are generally issued for a certain time span, normally between 6 months and 2 years. If you want to renew it or extend it, you will have to apply your mind to the government regulations. Here are the steps to renew or extend your temporary work permit UAE:

Renewal Process

    • For the time being, a temporary permit will become effective only for six months.
    • It can be renewal once only, indeed extending the total time to a year.
    • The employer takes the first step in this procedure, which mirrors the initial job application process.

Extension Limitations

    • The extension of the term is not permit after the renewal for the single period.
    • The case of employees staying in the UAE for an extended period requires them to apply for the Employment Visa.
    • This category of visa is more versatile than employer-sponsored visa.

Planning Ahead is Key

    • Understanding these boundaries is critical to both, employers and employees.
    • In the case of the employee expecting the same long-term residence longer than a year, they should begin processing the Employment Visa in advance with the employer to avoid the permit expiration.
    • This strategy gives an advantage to those who are looking for job opportunities and who are going to be working in UAE without any interruptions.

Additional Considerations

    • It is quite crucial to consider that there will be a set of occupations that will require education renewal or constraints.
    • Asking for the advice of the appropriate department of UAE government regarding your particular case can be very useful.
    • Costs that should be incurred throughout the process of renewing visas and visa applications may rise.
    • Obtaining up-to-date information from the UAE Immigration officials and how much one has to spend would be a wise thing to do.


To sum up, the process of obtaining a temporary work permit UAE includes planning, preparation, and following the rules set by the ministries and the authorities. As a result, it creates a chance for people to be able to work and live in the country for a certain amount of time.

It is important to know the regulations and to comply with them once temporary work opportunities arise in this ever-changing country. In addition, communication in a straight line with the employer is the basis of avoiding disruption and implementing a steady transition to the working process in UAE.

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