UAE Medical Test For Employment Visa [Guide]


Willing to move to UAE but stuck badly on what are ifs and buts required for a UAE Medical test for an Employment Visa? It is obvious to have this question in mind if you are going to UAE for the first time.


Foreign Nationals who want to live long-term or work in the Middle East must have a residence/work permit to obtain or unless they won’t be able to start living or working in UAE. For residence purposes, a residence visa is essential and for working in the Middle East work permit is necessary.


For any reason, you must be aware that you have to provide documentation in the form of medical reports from medical institutes in the UAE to verify that they are free from contagious diseases.


Understanding the UAE Medical Test for Employment Visa

Importance of Medical Tests for Employment Visa

On moving to the UAE to work, we can’t deny the importance of the UAE Medical test for an Employment Visa. It’s a green signal that needs to be issued before moving forward when applying for an employment visa.

In other words, if you want to be allowed to work, you must have a permit to work and a work permit will be issued when your employer knows that you don’t have any serious medical disease.


UAE’s Medical Testing Requirements

It is mandatory for all individuals seeking to obtain UAE employment visa to be certified as medically fit for the smooth visa process.

These medical tests must be done in government-approved health centers in the UAE. Applicants for a medical test must be 18 or older.


Preparation for the Medical Test

Preparation for the Medical Test


Documents Required for the Medical Test

To get your medical test done, you must submit the following documents to the medical test:

  1. Copies of the first and second pages of the passport
  2. Valid residence/work permit or visa copy
  3. One passport-size photo

That’s all and you are all set to verify your UAE Medical test for Employment Visa

Steps to Schedule a Medical Test Appointment

Appointments can be scheduled through digital channels or other channels. To book a medical test appointment, the following steps must be followed:


For digital services channels

  • Register in the digital services (Only if you are not still registered)
  • Check the list of available appointments at the health facility concerned
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Edit or manage the appointment by canceling or modifying it
  • The appointment will be confirmed by SMS or email provide.

For other channels:

  • The available appointments are considered and reviewed by assisting an employee
  • The opinion of a patient is taken on high priority on the most suitable appointment
  • When confirmed, the appointment will confirmed through an SMS message or email


Medical Test Procedure

What is the Process for the Medical Test?

The following steps are needed to follow to check your health:

  • Get registered in Digital Services
  • Sign up or log in with a username and password
  • Complete and print a smart form at a printing center or through the e-service or registered companies
  • Pay the fee at a printing center/or electronic system if you’re using e-service
  • Print the medical examination form as well
  • Visit the radiology department for the X-ray requirement
  • For blood tests, visit the laboratory
  • Now, you must go to the General Directorate of Residency and Immigration (GDRFA) of the National Authority and Federal Identity.

A few days after the process, you can print your results via an electronic link of the health services or you will receive the original exam certificate from Empost courier services.

Types of Tests Conducted for Employment Visa Applicants

Whether you are applying for a residence/employment visa, foreign nationals need to be free from communicable diseases such as HIV and TB which are easy to transfer from one person to another.

The individuals need to be tested/medically examined for the following diseases:

  • HIV and Aids screening
  • Pulmonary tuberculosis
  • Leprosy
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C

Besides these, Hepatitis V vaccination is required for the following categories of workers:

  • Nannies
  • Housekeepers/maids or any other worker in the same category
  • Supervisors for kindergartens and nurseries
  • Workers in hairdressing/beauty salons and health clubs
  • Workers in health facility areas

Additionally, the following worker categories should test negative for syphilis and hepatitis B:

  1. Workers who are working in nurseries 
  2. Domestic workers including nannies, drivers, and housemaids
  3. Workers and handlers in cafes and restaurants
  4. Saloons and beauty center workers
  5. Health club workers

Along with that, female domestic workers must test negative for pregnancy


Duration and Completion of the Medical Examination

The results and reports of a medical test are usually obtained after 1-2 days after the test is done. Meanwhile, the main test just only takes 30 minutes.

Follow-Up Procedures

How can I check my employment visa result in the UAE?

Done with the test, now looking for a test result? It’s simple, just follow the below steps:

  1. Download the Dubai Authority Health Application
  2. Create an account or put your UAE pass account
  3. Go to the ‘Other Services’ section at the bottom of the screen
  4. Select Check ‘Medical Fitness Health Status’
  5. Now enter the following information to proceed further
  1. Application number received via email or SMS after your medical test
  2. Birthdate
  3. Passport number
  1. Now click on ‘Check Status’ 


On completing the steps you will be able to check the results for your UAE medical test. In this way, you will be able to see whether your results will be ‘in process’ or ‘completed’. Despite the fact that you will receive your results within 1-2 days, still you can use this method in case of any unexpected delays.

You can also call this number 800 342, which is a DHA call center number. Here you only need to provide a reference number to know the exam status.

Appeals or Reconsideration Process for Negative Results

To resolve the problem, you can perform the following steps:

  • If you don’t pass the exam, you can go to a medical center and discuss the treatment regarding your health conditions. Through this, you can know about your health condition and able to solve the matter to reapply for a visa in the near future
  • Finding visa alternatives is one of the ways when you don’t get visa approval on the first attempt. To do this, you can consult with an immigration or legal expert to guide you through the process and brighten up your chances of obtaining a visa.
  • Apply for a UAE visa again if you find yourself medically fit and already treated for the previous illness. You need to attach documents referring to your good health condition during the new application process.

What happens if you fail a medical test in the UAE?

What happens if you fail a medical test in the UAE

If a person fails his/her medical test then he/she will no longer entertained by the UAE. Their visa gets denied and they will return back to their country, while someone with an existing renewal must be treated in the UAE.


It is necessary for an individual to make sure and verify that they are medically fit and free from contagious disease. If someone is failed in their medical test, they will face serious consequences such as termination of employment in UAE or they will return back to their country. Returning back will affect their work permit as well, and they will no longer be able to continue their job. So it is advisable to know about yourself or else it’s too late to take any step forward.

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