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Immigrants flock to Dubai in search of better employment prospects and higher salary scales. Because Dubai is a worldwide metropolis with many career prospects, jobs in Dubai are really attractive. However, up to 90% of UAE job seekers’ applications are rejected at the initial stage and never reach the hiring manager due to a variety of issues; the most common of which is that the candidates’ CVs are not correctly structured.

In this article, we will be talking about how to get job in Dubai. Long hunts, dead ends, and false starts impasse many people’s Dubai careers. Nevertheless, this does not have to happen to you. Let us see more:

1. Know the main reason why most CVs do not reach hiring managers

jobs in dubai

According to recruiting and HR specialists, large organizations in the UAE have been using artificial intelligence (AI) tools to filter through thousands of CVs received from prospective applicants every day. As a result, if applicants do not format, display, and email the CVs, the odds are that they will not get to the right person or position. Consequently, the job hunting process will be unsuccessful.

Most organizations use an internal recruiter, RPO services, or software/AI to select the best candidates for the job. Thus, it is up to the candidate to ensure that their CVs are the highest priority.

Since it is so simple to apply for employment nowadays, individuals do not take the time to tailor each application to the position in order to overcome the competition. They might add or emphasize more relevant abilities in the style of keywords to their CV; allowing the technology or recruiter to pick this up and shortlist the CV.

Instead of simply clicking and applying, candidates could take the time to learn who the recruiter or hiring manager dealing with the opening is and tailor their covering letter for job application to them.

2. Learn some tips to apply for jobs in Dubai

jobs in dubai

Here are some tips for you to learn how to get a job in Dubai:

Do not apply for many positions at once

Although it may seem paradoxical, this is crucial. You could believe that your prospects would improve the more positions you apply for. This is untrue; in fact, applying for a lot of jobs in Dubai will hurt your chances of getting hired.

Not every position out there is a suitable fit for you. Even if you are a salesperson, not every sales position in Dubai will be a good fit for you. For the positions they fill, Dubai recruiters have extremely precise qualifications. Businesses in Dubai prefer to employ people who possess the precise qualifications and expertise they require. Thus, do not even waste your time applying for jobs that you are not a good fit for.

Customize your CV for every application for your jobs in Dubai

Prior to deciding that this is too much work, keep in mind rule number one. You will not be applying to a huge number of jobs; you will only apply for positions that are a fantastic fit for you. Therefore, this implies that you can give each job application a bit more thought. The greatest strategy for landing a job in Dubai is to prioritize quality over quantity. Trust us, this approach is very effective.

You are going to find 1-2 fantastic positions rather than clicking “apply” 10–20 times per day on Dubai job sites and LinkedIn. Spend some time right now customizing your resume or job application letter to fit these different applications. A recruiter in Dubai should be able to tell the moment they open your CV that you are a perfect fit for the position.

Partner with a recruitment agency

Recruitment consultancies and firms abound in Dubai. When looking for jobs in Dubai, we advise job seekers to work with our team of experts in the area. Working with a professional recruitment agency is essential because:

  • The best recruiters in Dubai have a wide network of contacts. Therefore, they can use this network to get you a terrific job.
  • Recruiters in Dubai are familiar with the industry and can guide you through it. Consequently, this information is crucial if you have no prior experience traveling to Dubai.

A professional recruiter will assist you in finding your initial position as well as subsequent advancements; assuming you continue to have a positive relationship with them.

If you want to enter the job market or learn how to make cv for job, then you can start working with us as soon as possible. If you want support, you can call us at +971 43 316 688 or email us at We will help you find your ideal position in the UAE.


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